Saturday, September 8, 2007

DCE Natives authorize the shooting of OPP officers

When the OPP chase a vehicle that refuses to stop, the DCE criminals take note and decide to interfere. Listen closely and you will hear Natives authorizing one another to shoot OPP officers.

Later they interfere with the routing of an ambulance and dictate not only that the OPP must leave the scene (which they do to appease the Native Criminals) but also what route they are "allowed" to take back to Caledonia.

This 52 minutes of tape is by far the most damning evidence to date of 2 Tiered Justice, and that the OPP and McGuinty government have kept this a secret is a serious risk to public safety.

Please note this tape consists of both OPP and Native Radio transmissions from DCE during the same incident.

This material is being published for the express purpose of informing the public of the extreme danger posed by the maniacs at DCE. I in no way endorse or encourage the wreckless behavior (or OPP cowardice) exhibited in this recording.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Truck takes a wrong turn - We're just gonna shoot the bastard DCE Native proclaims

A salt truck takes a wrong turn into disputed land. The answer to this according to at least one Native Criminal on DCE? "We're just gonna shoot the bastard"

Fortunately a cooler head prevailed. THIS TIME

OPP Investigate a Shooting on 6th Line in Caledonia

The OPP investigate 5 gunshots being fired through the front door of a detectives home on the 6th line in Caledonia. No effort is made to find the criminals who did this. Take careful note of the statement " We'll just go with the policy ". The Policy that Natives are not subject to the law and that public safety means nothing to the OPP.

OPP watch Natives Steal Flags, then leave when the criminals get upset

Here the OPP sit and watch from their cars as Native Criminals steal Canadian flags from private property. Attempts to even monitor the situation are aborted once Natives chime in on the radio. This from the same police force who tackled a woman to the ground, kicked and arrested her last summer for touching an indian flag on public property.

OPP listening to Gunshots from DCE

Here we have the OPP listening to and talking about the gunshots from DCE that they told the public didn't exist. If they're just firecrackers, why are the OPP calling them gunshots as they hear them? Your safety is not important enough in Ontario to risk upsetting indians with guns who might not like the truth being revealed.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

OPP talk about 3 DCE Natives armed with a bat, a pipe, and a club with a blade on the end

This is the truth that the OPP and McGuinty Government have been hiding from you about the DCE Terrorists. They claim that all is calm and peaceful in Caledonia. Their own radio transmission clearly prove otherwise.